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About Mission PKA

Mission Parkour Academy is not a place but a people. Finding a home for the South Florida parkour community is how Mission PKA was born.


The goal of this sport is to take it outside. It should be practiced and performed outdoors. But, to learn and execute some truly complicated skills, an indoor environment is key.


Our Mission at our Oakland Park facility is to provide that gym space where instruction in the art of parkour can take place.


Welcome Home.



A movement discipline with the aim of getting from point A to point B in the fastest, most efficient way possible. In our Parkour classes, we teach our athletes to run, climb, swing, jump and move through space swiftly and effectively.



This discipline is an offshoot of parkour; the flashy brother. It incorporates flips, tricks, acrobatics and stylish moves. In these classes, students learn to express and share their own creative style.

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